Sage Intacct Tips & Tricks – Quarterly Update

Now that summer is upon us, take a quick break to refresh yourself on a few Sage Intacct tips and release notes. This Tips & Tricks edition features a few ways to improve communication within Sage Intacct, along with the usual content of our favorite new features from the Sage Intacct 2023 R2 release. We hope this edition helps you utilize additional time-saving features within Sage Intacct to maximize your use of the product.

Sage Intacct Communication Tips

Do you consistently strive to improve communication and documentation of activities within your organization? Communication opportunities within Sage Intacct can be vital in fostering collaboration, documentation, and feedback within your organization. Below are several options to keep you organized, supported, and consistent: 

This robust tool allows any user within the system to add comments, tag other users, add attachments, and link to additional information from transaction records or master records throughout the product. Within the Collaborate Center, you will find many options to keep you up-to-date, including:

  • Feed – Your Intacct Collaborate Feed is where you can review what’s happening across your company at a glance, then jump directly to the transactions, records, or comments that need attention.
  • People – The Intacct Collaborate People page lists the people in your organization with access to Intacct Collaborate.
  • Groups – Groups let you collaborate with specific people. For example, if you’re working on a team project, you can create a group for your team to share project-related files and information.
  • Files – Attach files to your Intacct Collaborate posts to share information with team members and coworkers.

The monthly or yearly close process can be complicated, requiring you and your colleagues to accomplish tasks on a schedule and in a specific order. Sage Intacct offers user-defined checklists that can be used to manage your nonfinancial tasks. The Checklist allows you to assign tasks and track the responsibilities and progress of your tasks and your team members. Sage Intacct Checklists provide visibility into the processes you use for your specific activities and allow you to assign and reassign work as needed. When you assign a task to a colleague, Sage Intacct sends an email containing the assignment with its associated checklist and due date information to that individual.

Many companies have a large number of financial reports. Creating a report type lets you filter your reports list to find reports relevant to users with certain roles or permissions or a specific purpose, such as “board reports.”

Beyond running a report on-demand, you can schedule recurring reports, set up delivery to cloud storage or email addresses, and even group reports together for distribution to stakeholders.

    What’s New with Release 2023 R2?

    This quarter, Sage Intacct focused on three main areas with this latest release: ease of use, extended functionality, and control. 

    You can read the 2023 R2 Release Notes to learn more about the significant enhancements in this release. Here are our top three:

    • Edit reversal date on posted payments – We are so excited about this one! With the proper configurations, you can now edit the reversal date on posted payment reversal transactions.
      • To take advantage of this new feature, you must turn the option on in Accounts Receivable > Setup tab > Configuration.  
    • Locked out user email notifications – If you have ever typed the wrong password a few too many times and gotten locked out of Sage Intacct, you will like this enhancement as much as we do.
      • Users now receive an email when they exceed the maximum number of login attempts. 
      • Prior to this release, no notification was provided when a user account became locked.
    • Bank feed creation rule: support of inter-entity JE entries – Journal Entries created from Cash Management bank feed creation rules can also automatically create the IET transaction.
      • No additional setup is required if inter-entity transactions are enabled, and appropriate account mappings are in place.

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